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Are you ready for an ABUNDANT Life filled with love and peace?

 Are you ready to unapologetically live your life HAPPILY? Are you willing to do the inner work to make that change happen? If so, let's connect and allow me to be your guide!


My 90-Day, Pain 2 Peace,  Dee’Tox Signature System™ begins with understanding your true value and where your power really comes from. It gives you the tools to manifest the happiness and inner peace you truly desire in life while you unlearn and re-learn better habits and techniques.  Here’s what my system gets you to do:

Let it All Out- Beginning the work is vital to the outcome. We will identify the problematic areas and own it. During this week you will release those limited beliefs and prepare for new beginnings. We have to dive to the root in order to acknowledge the pain. 

Clear Out The Negatives in Your Life- Taking care of yourself and discovering your joys is a must. Together we will create a new path towards a better life. During this phase, you will reach within and clear out blockages that have kept you from true happiness! We start the mind reprogramming process fearlessly....

Unleash Your Power - Discover more of you by learning your strengths and weaknesses all while gaining fresh perspectives on how to use or enhance them. I will help you activate a positive mindset that will ultimately change your life! 

Boost Your Confidence- You will learn new and effective ways to make positive changes in your life. We will explore new behaviors and habits that will ultimately enhance your life for the better. It's all within!

​​Allow Your Vision To Soar- You are Ready! Your mind is focused and you are ready to bring your vision to life. We will take a look at all of the new habits you have created do some goal setting!

Create An Action Plan Towards Success- Together we put in place an inspired action plan that will take you to new levels. Your mindset will definitely shift and you will be ready to create a path you truly desire!

Appreciate Accountability- It is ultimately up to you to put in the work. As your coach, I will provide guidance, love, support and all of the tools to help you succeed, but I can't do the work. That part is all up to you. But if you do the work, You will see and feel the transformation in your life almost instantly!

​Celebrate Yourself- Once you begin to feel the release of any old limiting beliefs, that once held you back in fear, you will discover that you are amazingly dope and it will call for celebrations! Healing is a journey, but to know you've started and worked through a lot of shadows and challenges...It's all worth celebrating!

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