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I love meeting new people, exchanging positive energy, and empowering others along their healing journey. In the world we live in today, it takes mental strength and emotional balance to sometimes cope with the outside world. I offer self-love workshops and I enjoy speaking to organizations, schools, businesses, and at community events. Where there is a need for positive improvement, I am there!

​Book me for your next:
-Panel Discussion
-Private/Corporate Event
-Dee'Tox Self Love Workshop (includes techniques and tools on how to start the self-love/healing journey)
-Community Resource Fair
​-School Event
-Podcast Interview
-Mindfulness Retreat

I look forward to connecting and collaborating with other aligned entities. If you are looking for this type of vibe and feel connected with me, SEND ME A BOOKING REQUEST, and I would love to be of valuable assistance!

-Coach Dee, MSP

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