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We all know negative people can be a hassle. It can be tiresome and just draining dealing with negative people who always have pessimistic views and just complain about everything. The easy thing to do would be for me to tell you to just avoid them all in all, but realistically in some situation or another we will find ourselves interacting with someone negative.

Look, let's be completely honest with ourselves. We all have been negative in some form or fashion and I am sure it may have made someone else feel a certain type of way about us. None of us are perfect and life happens. This causes us to react to bad situations in our lives by giving life to the bad feeling which is typically why toxic behaviors occur. I am saying this to say, show compassion. I am not by far saying, allow anyone to mistreat you or be disrespectful to you, but in most cases people need to be heard. They just want to vent and that's okay. Many of them usually just need a word of encouragement to help them feel better. Get a feel for them and just be compassionate.

Now, there are others that completely are just stuck in the habitual bubble of negativity. What I have learned to understand about people like this (especially adults) is that they haven't developmentally grown up. They haven't faced their inner self and allowed the healing process to take place for whatever they have gone through. They are still in a child like state of victimization. We all have traumatic or just life altering adversities that have taken place in our lives. It is truly up to us to reprogram and heal from it. If you come across these types of individuals, show compassion, but disassociate yourself from them. Do NOT and I mean DO NOT get caught up in their negative bubble. You can find yourself drained and pissed off if you do and that's not what you want.

My final piece of advice is to let people be. We all have something we are dealing with and yes we have a choice to decide if we are going to be positive or negative about it. Most have NOT reached a level of positive thinking, and so you shouldn't take it personal. I wouldn't put energy towards someone else's choice to be toxic. Let them be and you keep it moving with nothing but love in your heart. This way you stay pretty grounded and you can keep your frequency high.

I hope you all enjoyed this Dee'Tox moment. I am always here to offer advice and positive support, and again thanks for allowing me to aid in helping you Heal into a Happy Life!


Check out the video below for more:

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