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Welcome to Elevated & Stylish Queer Vibrations

It's a world of positive vibes, authenticity and stylish expressions and Inspiration. This is a space of Self-Love.

I am ya girl Coach Dee. I love me some me. My mission as the SELF-LOVE G.O.A.T is to help you love and fully accept all parts of you. As a Queer Life Coach/Author, I help people heal that shit through self-love tools, empowerment and inner child trauma healing.

My unique and compassionate way of helping others connect with themselves with grace and gentleness, is changing the game. Along my self-love journey, I have used my style as an expression of my true identity and authentic approach. Cheers to new beginnings!

I hope you enjoy the vibes as I express the real as we heal. You can expect soul elevation and positive inspiration in my world. Be careful, You will fuck around and love yourself like never before after hanging out with me.

We all need encouragement and support as we go on a journey of discovering who we really are and what our divine purpose is in this life. I want my blog to give you the courage you need to live your life on your own terms, unapologetically. You deserve that shit!

How to Jump Start the Self-Love Journey

When it comes to self-love, it takes choosing you, investing in you and commitment to your growth. Investing in your growth is key. Life Coaching or Therapy are great ways to start the healing journey. You will need the tools and guidance as you dive deeper into yourself for healing and self-improvement. If you are taking the steps to heal and grow, kudos. That's amazing. If you aren't quite there, that's okay. You were aligned here because there are parts of you that are ready. Give yourself permission to put yourself first and then get the help you need.

Heal That Shit

Let me know where you are on your journey. Leave a comment below or feel free to check out my books/workbook as great tools to jump start your growth. It's time love. I know you are ready for more peace and happiness in your life. Check out my newest book, Heal That Shit: A Spiritual Journey Within My Soul. It's a soul toucher!

Sending my love. Until next time, be well!

-Coach Dee

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