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Fears are just Traumas that need Love.

Hey beautiful souls. Coach Dee here! I feel like expressing some shit that I feel all of us can relate to in some way even if we don't want to speak that shit out loud. Let's talk about fear and trauma. I am about to blow your mind with some shit, but hear me out...Fears are traumas. Think about it, all the shit we are afraid to do comes from some limited belief or childhood experience that keeps us paralyzed or stuck in that experience. Something we lacked or something someone told us keeps us bottled up and closed to stepping out of that comfort space.

Have I blown your mind yet? Lol. I like to go deep like that as I'm just deep Af and I don't shy away from that shit anymore. I used to though. I used to be afraid to fully step into my power, express myself authentically and show up unapologetically. I can't say there aren't moments I don't still feel this way. But what I do know is that trauma will keep us afraid of growth. Why? Because we don't understand the trauma. There's no healing. We associate it with negative feelings/emotions. Here's a thought. What if you started loving that trauma? Meaning, what if you acknowledged it, sat with it, felt it, and made peace with it? I know many may say that's hard to do, going back and reliving is crazy, etc., but the truth of the matter is's heavier living with it. You're carrying it around daily by not dealing with it.

It will show up in your habits, your health, your finances, your relationships, your self-worth, etc....think about it. How do you feel about yourself and your life currently? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled and at peace? Are the people in your life healthy or toxic? Get real with yourself. This will let you know so much. What's heavy in your life? What are you running from? Ask yourself more of these questions and I guarantee the answers will come up.

This is an opportunity for you to HEAL THAT SHIT. You can start by feeling. Move those emotions, let the tears flow, unclog yourself. You've been heavy for too long and it is time to lighten the load. Everything that you've dreamed of doing, you can do. Everything you desire in your heart, you can have. Love on those traumas and they will no longer be fears holding you back, but freedom and liberation pushing you forward. What a perspective!

As I talk about this in my new book, Heal That Shit: A Spiritual Journey Within My Soul, "Fears are only traumas needing to be loved!" This statement has so much meaning as we take a deeper look within ourselves. As we release the traumas through our healing, we find strength and courage to walk the path of purpose in faith. Keep healing that shit love. You are enough, you've always been enough, and you always will be enough!

Until the next time,

Ya girl,

Coach Dee

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