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Updated: Jul 23, 2021

What up beautiful souls! It's a gorgeous night for me tonight. It has been a very productive day to say the least. You know I enjoy my days and nights so much more (That inner peace is the business). It has a lot to do with how I start my mornings. I've spoken about this so many times and if you follow me on Snapchat: dlifecoaching then you usually will see how I start my mornings. I wake up and I spend time with myself. I give myself at least 30-45 min. to really be with myself.

It's truly been a game changer for me. I love my new aged ambient radio on pandora. I usually tell Alexa to continue play and she already knows lol. It's very relaxing. I feel the vibes, smell the air,, be with my plants and dogs and I become aware of my presence. I sometimes write in my journal all of the things I am grateful for, or I read a good inspiring book, or maybe I just feel like closing my eyes and reflecting on how peaceful I am. Look, I'm telling ya'll when you spend time with yourself, you truly start to discover more about you. Create time for yourself everyday for at least 15 minutes/day and watch what happens. No phones, emails, social media, etc. just you and your sacred time!

There are times that I do meditate (I do guided meditations) because it's a great habit to have especially for people with anxiety or emotional overwhelm. My wife is a pro at meditating. She loves it and I mean loves it. One time I almost felt like she was about to levitate she was vibin' so high....LMAO! But for real it's that powerful when you tap into it. Anyway ya'll know I can go on tangents so let's get back to the the topic.

I know many of you may have a lot of negative baggage or blockage in your life. There are many ways to clear the blockages and create room for new, more positively enhancing jewels in your life. Here are three ways to Dee'Toxify negative blockages in your life:

1. Remove yourself from toxic situations/people

Listen, energy is real and very contagious and what you allow in your spirit will eventually try to pack its bags and reside. You can't be positive being in negative situations or around negative people. Those things will deplete you and have you feeling worse by the day. You have to make a choice to remove yourself from things that doesn't serve you for the better! Start surrounding yourself with inspirational and encouraging people/ me you will feel the difference!

2. Get rid of old items or clean out junk that no longer serves you (Such as old clothes from years ago or paperwork, etc.)

Don't shoot me! I am the just the spiritual messenger, but holding on to old ass shit that you don't wear or need is also holding on to old, stale energy. Let it go! Make room for the new. Clean your closet out, clean out the junk drawers full of old mail, etc. Some of ya'll are like damn, I didn't know that stuff was making me feel bad...Uh yea! I learned this and when I learned it and started to change things up, I found that my energy became lighter and I created room for new and better things to flow into my life.

Listen, it's all energy guys. Energy will make itself home where it's welcomed and the focus here is to create a life for positive energy! So get to throwing old shit out!!!

​3. Positive Affirmations Change the Game

For all that know me know and will see nothing but positive, positive, positive!! I can't stress this enough...What you speak, what you feel and what you believe will be your reality. You must learn to inject positive affirmations into your subconscious daily. You must get rid of the old, limited, don't give a fuck about you beliefs and start planting self-love and positive "I AM" seeds that will grow into a beautiful positive mindset. I'm talking about a mindset so inspiring you'll start to inspire yourself..LOL yes, I said it because it happens and it's fun!

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts tonight! Please share this, copy the link from the browser and reference back as you need to. If there is anyone that is ready to take their life from stress to success and finally seek the happiness you deserve, please reach out to me and let’s manifest all you desire!

Don't go into ​2019 with all that negative blockage...You and Happiness Belong Together! And I have the key ingredients for your recipe!

Have a good night!

-Coach Dee

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