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A lot of people are down, depressed, stressed, overwhelmed and just overall unhappy. I was once this person. I was strapped down by the negative beliefs that my life was what it was and I didn't really have a chance to be as happy as I should or should I be real and say I felt as though I didn't deserve it. I felt this way because this is what I learned to believe. I learned to feel like the only way to be okay was to accept that struggle was the final destination and that sweeping your feelings and traumas under the rug was most effective. This left me feeling a void even after a moment of fun or happiness I never could feel fully happy. I always thought in the back of my mind that things were too good to be true (when something good came) and that's just the way things would be.

Let me explain something. That did not feel good at all. It felt horrible. Imagine going through your days expecting something to go wrong in some form of fashion (many of you can relate) even when you wanted them to go right. As I got older, maybe around 25 years old (about 10 years ago) I started to tap into positive and inspiring things as I once had playing basketball most of my life. I went back to the fundamentals of what helped me be a great basketball player, only this time I started to talk to the deeper me. Not just the me, that covered up the hurt and wanted to be the greatest chick ball player around, but that hurt little girl in me. I had to make things right so I started with my thoughts.

It wasn't easy at all. In fact, it took to me until recently to truly truly and I mean truly tap into my inner being. I had to be real about wanting to be better. I had to make peace with my inner hurt girl and I knew that I had to figure out a way to love her and help her heal. I've always been a giver with a big heart. I started to shift my giving (not for obligatory purposes) but with good intentions and help people who really needed my help. It started with getting involved in the community and serving through my time and then it lead to physically gathering others and getting out on the streets feeding the homeless, giving out coats in the winter to giving much needed love notes and hugs just because. The more I tapped into giving to others, it helped me discover more of me, love more of me and tell that hurt girl inside of me that ALL IS WELL.

At 35 years old, I am open to more of me. I am spiritually transforming into the divine vessel I was destined to be. I have so many more days of happiness, joy, gratitude and eagerness to give more! The more you give to yourself the better your life will be. There will be detachments from many, but the attachment of the parts internally for you, now that's life changing.

Love Yourself. Be Kind to Yourself. Heal Yourself and Pay it Forward.

Check out this Awesome Video with my good friend Chassidy Young and I as we give Love and Hugs to random strangers in our community in Dallas, Texas!

Dee'Toxin Moments

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