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"Scars are easier to talk about, than they are to show!" -Dr. Brene' Brown

This quote resonated with me so much. Over the years I have learned that most of the time it is easier for us to share the pain after we have overcome it than it is for us when we are going through it. I think for me it goes back to the way I was raised. We didn't talk about our emotions or even sit down to express openly how another felt. It wasn't that type of expressive environment. I also learned to keep things within that environment and sweep it all under the rug.

As a kid, that teaches you to shelter your emotions. Only show the good side of things! Many of you may feel or have felt the exact same way. I have learned to be more vulnerable. To share my story of pain and to own it. You help activate courage and acceptance in others when you share your most vulnerable failures and experiences. It won't make you look shameful, it shows bravery. It shows that you are open to healing and ready for self-discovery and connection to a higher you.

When you Let go of things that deplete you, have held you captive in your own mind through limited beliefs and self-pity and that no longer serve who you are, This can be the best thing you can do for yourself, in order to go to the next evolution of you! You deserve so much more and some. You matter so damn much even if you can't see it at this time. Let me expand your perspective a bit and make things a little bit more clearer. Often times we hold on to things, people, places, jobs, or situations because we feel safe. Even though it is causing us pain and hurt we stay because it's known. We are so afraid of the unknown because we don't know it.

We tell ourselves all these bullshit ass reasons as to why we are staying connected, knowing deep within and often time blocking out what the inner voice is saying because externally, we aren't willing to make the change. Did that resonate with you? I'm sure in some way it did. This is because ALL of us in some form or the other has done this and are still doing this. We know that friendship is toxic, we know our health habits are unhealthy, we know that relationship is doing more harm than good and we know that job is not where we truly see ourselves for the rest of our lives.....

Yet we stay! We stay attached to this pain that is killing us more and more inside. We know there is more to us, but we stay attached to poison. When I realized that this made no damn sense, I knew I had to release all that was poisonous to my soul and I had to heal. At one point in my life, I allowed my hands to bleed while in excruciating pain. I held on to things that were killing me inside. I felt like at one point, I was letting go of one thing, and grabbing on immediately to something else which would make the cuts worse. This came from me not

dealing with what was deeply rooted. No matter where I went in my life and what I accomplished, I usually found myself attracting the same type of person or situation. It started to become tiresome. I got to the point where I had run so long, I was tired! I wanted to understand what it meant to not just speak about a positive life, but to actually attract one. I started to improve myself by going to therapy, reading more self-help books and really focusing on myself like never before. I understood that it would be a process that I would be in and out of, but I knew there would come a point when I would be have to FACE a lot of deep shit. But I at least started which inevitably led me to the deep DIVE!

The more you release the things that are poisonous to your soul, the more you find who you really are and understand your purpose! This is why it is so important to do what is best for you. Everyone will not like when you choose YOU, but who gives a fuck! You have given a FUCK about what "they" wanted for too long and where has that gotten you??? Exactly! It's time for you to GIVE a FUCK about you! You deserve to heal, be happy, feel what it is like to feel and be alive, do the things your heart desire and embrace inner peace with an open heart! You can REALLY have that kind of life! BUT before you do....Something or some things much die first.

You have to be willing to let go of that old, broken you that was pumped full of poison and rebirth a NEW, LOVING, FEARLESS, HAPPY, and more PEACEFUL...YOU!

I know that once you DECIDE that YOU MATTER! Things will shift so drastically for you in a positive light. Don't allow the soul poison to kill who you are truly meant to be!

I am always here to talk to anyone who is READY to take a deep dive in their lives and say YES to themselves. In order to live a life you truly desire, you have to say YES to yourself!

I love helping other people heal into happiness as I have. I'm gifting a FREE 30-minute BREAKTHROUGH call to anyone who is READY to say YES to themselves. During this call we will divinely connect through love and understanding. I will learn about your desires and your challenges and together we will discuss the recipe I have to help you get the happiness and desires you truly deserve. Schedule NOW!

Until next time my loves....#DeeToxin

-Coach Dee

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